37 Reasons

         Why should I go to Signature Cell Healing workshops?

  1. Discover a new way of living life.
  2. “Everything can be healed”: What does that mean for you? And how could you possibly say that?
  3. Develop your intuitive sense.
  4. Explore and understand the layers of your blueprint and why you are here.
  5. Understand the power of your focused intention to consciously create your life.
  6. Learn to heal yourself and watch the world around you be transformed.
  7. What are the ways that I can love myself more?
  8. Learn how to listen to the cells of the body to be guided in healing.
  9. Understand how my thoughts create the world around me.
  10. Discover how to balance my heart-brain with my head-brain and why that matters.
  11. Know why my relationships in life are “not working”.
  12. What does it mean to heal on all 4 bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  13. Why is it called Signature Cell Healing? What is “cell healing?”
  14. Working with photon energy and how it can be used in healing.
  15. Learn how other people or clients want to be treated in healing.
  16. Understanding what the Great Shift is and what does Lemuria have to do with it?
  17. Knowing what the journey of “5 or 50 steps” means and how to never give up.
  18. Healing myself with prana breathing and the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation
  19. How do we get sick and what is the journey of an illness?
  20. What does self-care mean when I become a Signature Cell Healer?
  21. How the cells of my body are listening to me and to everything around me.
  22. The role of the emotional body and my feelings in healing.
  23. The journey from fear to love: What is it? How can I not be fearful in a world like we have now?
  24. What are the mitochondria and how can they be activated for healing?
  25. “Awakening the Chromosomes of Youth and Vitality” What does that mean?
  26. Meditation: How can I incorporate it into my daily life and actually look forward to doing it?
  27. Aging the Soul: What does it mean?
  28. Taking responsibility for ow I feel: How is my life a mirror of my beliefs and expectation?
  29. What is consciously crating? Can I also create unconsciously?
  30. Redefining what getting older means: raising my consciousness to know what to do as I get older.
  31. Experience the healing possibilities of a collective consciousness in a space of love that is created in the workshops.
  32. How can I just be at peace with my life?
  33. What is Lemurian Numerology and how can I use it in healing and in my everyday life to guide me?
  34. The 10 Principles of Consciously Creating: Where do they come from? Why are they important and how are they a way to live life in a new way?
  35. Stop thinking about and living in the past and live happily in the here and now.
  36. Working with stem cells: How can I use stem cells in healing?
  37. Learning how to walk my talk.